We create next-generation AI systems

We create next-generation AI systems that have enhanced capabilities in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Reasoning and Machine Interaction. Our approach to creating efficient, effective and responsible AI is inclusive, taking input from computer science, statistical learning theory, probabilistic modelling, engineering, cognitive neuroscience and the social sciences.

 Meet our Founder Scientists 

OptimalAI's David Barber and Emine Yilmaz lead over 100 post-PhD scientists at UCL's AI Centre.

Professor David Barber, PhD


Professor Emine Yilmaz, PhD


The AI Centre's Four Research Groups

The aim of our four research groups is to make next-generation AI systems that have enhanced capabilities

Natural Language Processing Group

The principe goal of this group is to build machines that read and "understand" unstructured textual information, converting it into interpretable structured knowledge to be leveraged by humans and other machines.

Computer Vision Group

Computer vision and image processing aim to extract useful information from images and video. Applications include face recognition, automated analysis of medical images, robotics, visual inspection for production lines and building 3D models of the real world

Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group

The group aims to make methodological progress in foundational AI using techniques from statistics, mathematics and computer science.

Statistical Machine Learning Group

This group focuses on data-efficient machine learning, probabilistic modeling, and autonomous decision making