We optimise efficiencies for industry

OptimalAI creates AI algorithms that automate optimal decision-making.  This lowers operational costs, increases revenue and increases productivity.


Who we are

OptimalAI is a UCL AI Centre company

Co-founded by Google's Deepmind, University College London's (UCL) AI Centre is one of the world's leading AI research institutions. We have over 100 post-PhD AI scientists focused on foundational research. We create next generation AI systems that exceed current AI capabilities.

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We are world leaders in AI foundational research

Our exploratory research creates new, pathfinding AI for problems that haven't yet been clearly defined.


Meet the founder scientists behind our innovations

Our founder scientists work on some of the world's most complex and interesting challenges in AI.

Founder scientists


Built for enterprise, designed for everyone

Our solutions are fast, scalable and simple to implement so that enterprises can easily apply AI to any operation.

Reduced Cost

Replacing human friction with AI automated decision-making across enterprise silos and supply chains significantly reduces operational costs. 

Increased Revenue

AI automated decision-making automates marketplace scale. According to McKinsey, enterprises that absorb AI into their operations can double their projected revenue.

Increased Productivity

Human in the loop engagement with live AI analytics enables real-time management by exception.  This enables employees to focus on what matters most.


Early detection of Covid-19 

OptimalAI is collaborating with the UK's NHS to deploy AI that provides early detection of Covid-19 and automates scheduling for millions of surgery backlogs.